Tom Dale + support from Foxes Fair

Friday 2nd October 2020
8:00 pm

£10 Advance Only

Event Description

At the age of 21, Tom co-founded 4-piece blues outfit Sugarland Slim, achieving early success as the band quickly pricked up the ears of the UK blues scene.  Regularly appearing as featured artists in Blues in Britain magazine, the band performed at theatres, blues festivals and legendary venues across the UK and Europe, sharing the stage with such blues greats as Peter Green, Paul Jones & Dave Kelly and Dr Feelgood. Tom has also worked closely with Yamaha over the years, demonstrating their acoustic guitars, providing assistance with product development and performing live at guitar shows and festivals.

In 2005, Tom moved to Penzance as a street musician with his beaten-up National Triolian and was quickly embraced and put to work by the vibrant local music scene.

Immersing himself in old-time traditional music, Tom has developed a mastery of slide guitar, fingerpicking and open tunings on his National Resonator, clawhammer banjo, fiddle and pre-war tongue-blocked harmonica, along with a powerful and honest singing style that draws heavily on his blues, gospel and mountain music influences. With a voracious appetite for traditional songs and styles, he brings a deep understanding of the history of the music he plays to every performance. Over the years Tom has developed a passion for luthiery, building box fiddles and guitars from reclaimed materials and driftwood, biscuit-tin banjos and dulcimers, bamboo fifes etc.  for himself and other local musicians, occasionally bringing them along to gigs and recording sessions.

A gifted songwriter, Tom has performed and recorded many of his compositions, and with this experience and understanding of songcraft, brings his unique flavour to his vast repertoire of traditional songs. Currently sticking to his old-time blues roots, melting banjo and fiddle techniques into his guitar and harmonica style, Tom will play anything from Mississippi Blues to Murder Ballads, lullabies to Leadbelly, his songs and more.  Performing with his resonator, hat, kazoo and bandolier of harmonicas, he will play and sing and tap his foot with the natural charm of an old-time songster.

Foxes Fair

Inspired by the deep well of traditional folk music, tailoring songs and melodies to fit their own unique musical style, their playful string arrangements (using the classic old-time styles of the 5-string banjo, Appalachian dulcimer and finger-picked guitars) provide a delightful backdrop to their natural and effortless harmonies. Their sound is as timeless as their topics they tell stories of nature, love, death the joys of drinking.

Taking turns to lead the songs and swapping instruments, Foxes Fair’s live performances are permeated by warmth and comradery rarely seen to this extend in musical groups, friendship clearly binding these ladies as much as the love for the music they make.


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