Event Description

Emma Packer, Florence Metathesis and Tom Jane are a trio of likeminded, lively and experienced Cornish folk musicians who draw on the landscape, community and culture of Cornwall as inspiration for their work.  They enjoy experimenting with traditional and current music as well as creating their own.

The band name, Keskorra, is a Cornish verb meaning “to assemble/put together” which reflects the coalescence of the members of the band and their care and consideration which they put into their musical arrangements.

Between them, they have curated a set of tunes and songs to get your feet tapping for Cornish dancing, a Nos Lowen which is a “Happy Night” a growing trend and celebration where you will be able to dance, learning with the dance leaders, the simple set dances to joyfully dance the night away.  You may have seen them at some of the “Klub Nos” held in Falmouth, or danced with them at Trevithick Day or witnessed their unique style in Plymouth – having not played at the Acorn since the 2023 Montol Fundraiser Event this is an opportunity to experience them on your doorstep in Penzance! Get your bellows, whistle, fiddle, drum and song and a dose of good humour.

Put it together:  Keskorra!


A Nos Lowen with Keskorra

Sunday 23rd June 2024
8:00 pm

£13 Advance; £15 Door