A Tribute To Led Zeppelin performed by Dazed “n” Confused

Saturday 2nd November 2019
8:00 pm

Advance £10/Door £12

Event Description

In celebration of our 20 plus years together and the 50th Anniversary of the creation of Led Zeppelin, Dazed’n’Confused will be performing at the Acorn theatre Penzance with one aim, to keep the music and spirit of Led Zeppelin alive. No wigs! No costumes! Just the music, as the original line up we perform as a four piece. All the classic tracks from the iconic British band and some that Led Zeppelin themselves never performed live.

A Led Zeppelin tribute band from Cornwall, where chance threw 4 musicians capable of emulating the live sound and energy of that mighty line up.
Thunderous drums, awesome guitar, raucous vocals and rock steady bass (and keyboards) deliver an authentic live show, befitting the originals. The essence of Led Zeppelin, how it should be.
See their video by using the following link: https://www.facebook.com/livebandscornwall/videos/1095470673944821/?t=1


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