Airfish Circus

Saturday 17th February 2024
7:30 pm

£8 Adult, £5 Under 16's

Event Description

Yes they are back, back, back again for another cheeky pre-Spring circus extravaganza.  Airfish Circus and the Acorn Theatre have enjoyed each other’s company for many years now.  They are a regular fixture in the Acorn’s seasonal program of events, never ceasing to bring a unique, tongue in cheek, quirky story telling style to their performative content.  To date their annual Valentine’s season shows have been described as a combination of circus, vaudeville, pantomime, drag and burlesque rolled into a mesmerising, delightful whole.

This year though they plan to surprise you by presenting a performance with a different flavour than you are used to from them.  Circus means many different things to many people, each of us has a different understanding of what a ‘circus’ is, and what the definition of the word covers.  Based perhaps on our personal experience, a childhood memory, a documentary, an old poster, or a modern production.  Some of us see clowns, tigers or elephants, perhaps just a big top, others see a street show, or a large scale production at the Albert Hall.

Today’s performers seek to push the boundaries of their Circus Arts skill sets outside of the more traditional settings, whilst still honouring and valuing traditional circus, for which there should always be a place.  Airfish Circus are no exception in this, and this years performance aims to illustrate that circus has never been more relevant,  or more important towards nurturing and keeping a community together than it is today.  That circus now more than ever is for grown ups too and not ‘just for kids’, and that circus is a fantastic way to express the things that as a communicate we don’t necessarily define or articulate, but that we all know and can relate to.

Through it’s collaborative works with Cirque Du Ciel, Airfish Circus in 2024 becomes the vehicle through which locally based circus professionals, semi professionals and talented adult community students will bring performative works to the Cornish Community, as the ‘grown up’ division of ‘Cirk Hes’.  ‘Cirk Hes’ as a project will be bringing new ways of presenting creative performance works with and for the people of Cornwall in 2024, so please keep your eye to our socials for more.

Intrigued?  Then step right up and book for this one night only show 17 February 2024, and see Airfish Circus as you have never seen them before.

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