Alan Jones- It’s All In The Mind

Friday 6th December 2019
7:30 pm

Tickets: £9.50

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Alan Jones- It's All In The Mind
Returning to The Acorn to present his latest offering, Alan Jones, is set to entertain and confound with own brand of mind-reading and psychological illusion.
“Mind Reading” isn’t really possible Alan claims “but capturing thoughts and influencing behaviours” is.
Alan‘s show is built around the idea that everything we dream, experience and think is real is in fact, ALL IN THE MIND.
“Not only awesome entertainment but a show which has a motivational and inspiring message”
“Made me really think about what is possible however improbable”
“Changed the way I think about things – an oddly therapeutic and spiritual show”
Alan‘s show relies on audience participation and includes demonstrations of suggestion, thought-reading and mind control. It not suitable for young children.

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