Nick Darke’s : ‘Bud’ & ‘The Fisherman’s Tale’ starring Edward Rowe (Kernow King)

Sunday 31st March 2019
7:30 pm


Event Description

Bud reminisces about his love, Myrna. Bud racks his brain about their tumultuous relationship. He remembers. Recalls. Relives. He tells the tale of his marriage to Myrna. Bud speaks of the “L’il acid drops scorchin’ holes in the starched napkin of our marriage” as his anxiety and melancholy rises to a bleak conclusion.

In this one- man tragi comedy, Edward Rowe plays Bud.

Also playing on this night, “The Fisherman’s Tale”. A farce, featuring a second home, an internet affair and mistaken identity. Fast, hard-hitting, hilarious and showcasing  Nick’s wit and political preoccupations. Featuring Connie Crosby, Olivia Lowry and Keith Sparrow.

Also featuring other excerpts of Nick’s work.

All pieces directed by Simon Harvey.


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