Event Description

In their 26th year as a band paying tribute to the unique sound of Led Zeppelin, Dazed’n’Confused are a four-piece of very experienced musicians with a passion and dedication to emulating the live sound and energy of the mighty Led Zeppelin. Bonham-Esque drums, twin neck guitar weaponry, full range passionate vocals and dual wizardry on bass and keyboards alternating between songs and how they were originally performed live. The essence of the iconic English band Led Zeppelin.

Got to be heard to be believed. With many gigs chalked up over time in clubs and theatres in and around Devon and Cornwall, their enthusiasm never wanes. There are always people wanting to hear the classics and even some classics that were never performed live by Zeppelin themselves. There are no wigs, no costumes, just an honest, passionate performance every time.

Dazed ‘n’ Confused: A Tribute to Led Zeppelin

Friday 12th April 2024
8:00 pm

£16 Advance; £18 Door