Depeche Mode Tribute Act – The Devout

Saturday 3rd June 2023
8:00 pm

£16 Adv £18 Door

Event Description

Depeche Mode Tribute Act – The Devout

Approximately 10 years ago, a group of Depeche Mode fans started recreating their favourite songs to play to fans like themselves.

As the years rolled by, the band and its sound evolved to a point where they had earned a reputation for a startlingly precise sound and professionalism that never cancelled a gig, always delivering to DM fans and the music industry professionals who put them on.

This solid foundation was formed through sheer care and technical excellence.

In 2018 the lead singer decided to hang up his waistcoat and with that a major evolution for the project started to take place.

This meant a new frontman and 2 new members to deliver enhanced productions of the Speak and Spell shows. Out of respect for the history of Speak and Spell, this also means a new operating name; ‘The Devout’.

We are honoured and happy to be able to have the opportunity to continue to thrill audiences in the UK and beyond. We will deliver the same quality of production, vision and sound that has been enjoyed for years, whilst also enhancing all material to its fullest extent.

Our sole focus is to bring a performance that is worthy enough to transport the audience back to a Depeche Mode gig, at their peak and at their most powerful.

There’s no doubt. We’re The Devout!

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