Dirty Words

Thursday 7th February 2019
7:30 pm

Tickets: £12

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Dirty Words

A music and dance duet with dancer, Grace Clayton (Grace Clayton Dance, Cheap Date) and multi-instrumentalist, Seamas Carey (Kneehigh, Wildworks) created with associate director Kyla Goodey (Trifle Gathering, Kneehigh, Wildworks). A crash landing of self-expression, communication, humour, action and reaction through live music, dance, theatre, and digital media.

This visual monologue questions the physical, verbal, facial, tonal, nuanced way we talk to the world. An exploration and debate of music and movement that rebounds, vibrates, clashes, reacts and challenges each other in the same space, just as our words do.

Exploring the filth, fun and aftertaste of our everyday interactions. A humorous, intellectual, visceral experience that leaves you contemplating your own individual modes and forms of communication. The work, through the use of subtitles and sign language, explores modes of accessibility to a deaf and hard of hearing audience.

“Hilarious and energetic and didn’t require you to lie afterwards pretending you understood the concept.” Memegirls, online blog (How We Lost It)

“Another life-affirming performance – amazing. Blown away again by the talent of Cheap Date Dance…. effortlessly brilliant!” – Audience Member (Little Women Big Balls)

“Captures something essential and honest” Roy Campbell-Moore, National Dance Company Wales (How We lost it)

“…the bizarre, beautiful minds behind this…it really engaged me. ” – Audience member (Little Women, Big Balls)

“Fresh, fast and flipping funny.” – Kirsty Cotton, Talent Development Office HFC, (Little Women, Big Balls)

Suitable for age 12+

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