Flamenco Dance Rebeca Ortega – RAÍCES from Spain

Thursday 21st July 2022
7:30 pm

£14 Advance £16 Door

Event Description

From the deepest roots of flamenco, this show is born from the tradition of flamenco culture shaped by the luminosity of the alegrías, the depth of the taranto, the rhythms of the tangos or the jondura of the soleá.

Like the newly germinated seed that is nourished by the dewdrops, this work is the path that blossoms from the lament of the traces of the past towards the uncertain and unburdened future.

Passion, strength and blood in perfect harmony with the elegance and the sensuality, are delighted by the most authentic flamenco dance… The flight of her hands brings freedom and her feet tapping connects us with the earth, with the root.