Flamenco Fusions

Friday 24th June 2022
7:30 pm


Event Description

Flamenco Fusions

Flamenco dance and multi-media show by Claudia Caolín Dance & Entertainment.

This special evening of theatre consists of six distinct pieces, each featuring an innovative fusion with the traditional Spanish art-form of Flamenco, ranging from the classical to the uniquely contemporary, and from the beautifully romantic to the surreally hilarious.  The multiple styles of Flamenco will serve as an artistic structure for these creative cross-genre pieces, thereby taking the audience on a kaleidoscopic journey through the versatility of modern Flamenco art.

In this show, there’s only one thing you can be sure of: you will be surprised!

Over the course of the evening, Claudia Caolín will be joined in two pieces by the wonderful Flamenco dancer Aneta Skut, with whom she collaborated on the 2019 production Flamenco Para Siempre, as well as Claudia’s advanced and talented student Helena Cicmil, who will have her long-awaited stage debut in this production. The dancers are accompanied by Bristol-based Flamenco Loco, consisting of the stunning virtuoso Jamie Cuthbertson (Cuffy) on guitar, and the tremendously versatile and skilful singer Jaime Cantera, who have worked with Claudia Caolín in numerous productions.

Alongside its contemporary ambition, the evening strives to capture the pathos, drama, colour, and excitement inherent within the experience of Flamenco.

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