Ged Kingsford

Thursday 16th May 2019
8:00 pm

Tickets: Advance £6/Concessions £5/Door £8

Event Description


Years of working with countless musicians and songwriters, ranging from members of Motorhead and The Blockheads to members of a New York dance group, and gypsy Romanian musicians, has led to Ged composing and performing his own works for non-tuned percussion and sampled sounds.

Two pieces you will hear this evening are ‘Symphony in Cut Glass’ and ‘Hope’, incorporating samples to create haunting and evocative soundscapes, over which Ged weaves virtuoso cascades of sound, using dynamics and silence in a most dramatic fashion.

Not to be missed

Falmouth Arts:  ‘A truly profound experience’

Kerrang magazine:  ‘Outrageously talented’

Evelyn Glennie:  ‘Wonderful’