Event Description

Hannah and Toby’s story began in the enchanting summer of 2018 in the garden of a friend’s home, where their shared love for folk music ignited over a simple tune. Instantly sensing a deep connection both personally and musically, they embarked on a collaborative journey of creativity and exploration.

From the charming landscapes of the UK to the picturesque vistas of Slovenia, they have dedicated themselves to playing, composing, writing, jamming, and performing. Through this journey, they continually exchange ideas, delve into their values, and push the boundaries of their instruments, always seeking the deeper connections between themselves and the world around them.

The fusion of accordion and cello in their music creates a rich tapestry of sounds and textures, beautifully complementing Hannah’s pure voice and heartfelt songwriting. Their performances effortlessly transition from tender melodies to lively, rhythmic interplay between cello and percussive dance. Together, they deliver an experience that is diverse, playful, original, and profoundly moving.

Hannah James and Toby Kuhn

Friday 22nd November 2024
8:00 pm