In Conversation : Kiran Millwood Hargrave ( Author-‘Mercies’ )

Thursday 9th April 2020
7:30 pm

Tickets: £5

Event Description

Beneath the sunken sun in Norway’s winter islands, twenty-year-old Maren Magnusdatter watches the sea break into a sudden and reckless storm. Forty fishermen, including her brother and father, are drowned and left broken on the rocks below. With the menfolk wiped out, the women of Vardø must fend for themselves.

Three years later, a sinister figure arrives. Summoned by the authorities to take control of a place at the edge of the civilized world, Absalom Cornet knows what he needs to do to bring the women of Vardø to heel. With him travels his young wife, Ursa. In Vardø, and in Maren, Ursa finds something she has never seen before: independent women. But Absalom sees only a place untouched by God and flooded with a mighty and terrible evil, one he must root out at all costs.

Inspired by the real events of the Vardø storm and the 1621 witch trials, this is a story of love, evil, and obsession, set at the everdark edge of civilisation.

Kiran will be in conversation with Rachael Howorth from Penzance’s Edge of the World Bookshop. Rachael has enjoyed reading Kiran’s books for years and is delighted to be able to find out more about Kiran’s frozen worldscapes.  Join us for an evening of page-turning entertainment.

Kiran Millwood Hargrave (b. 1990) is an award-winning poet, playwright, and novelist. Her bestselling works for children have won numerous awards including the Waterstones Children’s Book Prize, the British Book Awards Children’s Book of the Year, and the Blackwell’s Children’s Book of the Year, and been shortlisted for prizes such as the Costa Children’s Book Award and the Blue Peter Best Story Award. The Mercies is her first novel for adults.