Mohan: A Partition Story

Thursday 9th February 2023
7:30 pm

£10 Advance |£12 Door

Event Description

A timely piece of theatre for 2023 – the 76th anniversary of Partition in India. Mohan: A Partition Story is a piece of oral storytelling which retells Niall Moorjani’s Grampa’s experiences of the Partitioning of India. With first-person telling from “Mohan’s” perspective the performance is moving, visceral, emotive and at times hilarious. The story will be interwoven with fascinating, haunting and sardonically funny historical insight. Combining the two strands of storytelling and historical contextualisation an evocative and thought-provoking evening which will be set to live music.

Niall Moorjani is a non-binary, mixed Scots- Indian writer and storyteller. They are fascinated by the fantastical, the historical, and the liminal. They have written and performed shows all over including for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and Fringe of Colour and the Scottish International Storytelling Festival. They are also the founder and host of the Tales At The Tavern open mic story night. Niall’s work has been described as a “genius reinvention of the form”- Fringe Of Colour “A Master Storyteller” – Jess Brough.

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