Newlyn International Film Festival – Fiction Films

Sunday 7th April 2019
5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

£4/Concessions £2

Event Description

Fiction films from this year’s submissions from 5pm in the main Auditorium



A short film about the grieving process starring Paul McGann. 2.53 Mins.

Playing With Snowballs

A dying man meets a sighing mountain. Together, they contemplate existence. Somewhere in the English Pennines, a young Himalayan poet has been living with a terminal affliction. 9.59 Mins.

An Unkind Word

An ageing politician’s world is turned upside down when a new website brings him more attention and publicity than he could ever want or need… 15.41 Mins.


A couple are in conflict after the husband makes a bad deal. 13 Mins

Ladies Most Deject

A teenage girl from the Appalachian mountains struggles to protect her siblings from an addict mother. 15.29 Mins


A poignant not-quite-love story about three birdwatchers who cross the country in search of something extraordinary. 10.26 Mins.

Third Quarter

A bewildered elderly man desperately searches the dark corners of his mind to understand the meaning behind the appearance of a mysterious envelope. Yet he has forgotten it was he who… 29.23 Mins





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