Newlyn International Film Festival – Fiction Films

Saturday 6th April 2019
2:30 pm - 4:30 pm

Tickets: £4/Concessions £2

Event Description

A selection of submitted Fiction Films screened in the main Auditorium from 2.30pm


Under the highly civilized society of Japan, a little girl who lived in an orphanage was taken away by a man. She regained her freedom more than 10 years later and nobody knew what she experienced. Then she struggled, and failed, she loved and lost. How would a human-being become when she is gradually stripped of the natural self-awareness? This is a story about being a human and being a woman. 45 Mins

Cut From Cloth

After a death in the family, three estranged siblings gather around their father’s coffin to mourn and discuss their large inheritance. ? 15.33 Mins


Ghasem is forced to sell their cow to spend a hard winter in their village, but his son fled with the cow. 15.33 Mins

There Are No Dividends

Darren Hobbs, an entrepreneur, wants manual workers to be able to compete with the robots in the forthcoming automation revolution, so one day he sneaks into a fancy hotel conference room to conduct a careers day under the banner of his newly formed company. 9 Mins


Exquisitely shot, chillingly performed. A dystopian fever dream with echoes of Brazil and A Clockwork Orange. 17.26 Mins

Rammat Gammat

One is a better footballer, other is richer, their friendship hits the crisis when the money decides the merit.


In a small village in Ukraine, an old man feels isolated but a woman holds the key. 15 Mins