Pool Under the Prom – A History of Cornish Bathing

Thursday 17th February 2022
7:30 am - 9:00 pm

Advance £12 Door £14

Event Description

Drip, drip, drip. Sealed up and forgotten, under Penzance promenade, lies the underground swimming pool.

Splash! In 1890, Mary-Ann Angwin and Molly Pitts meet while taking the water. Over the years, they continue to bathe – and a stream of stories trickle between them: Penzance Peeping Toms, Titanic tales, WW1 loss, the scandal of the carnival queens…. An epic tale spanning 70 years of bathing, local news and the two women who swim there weekly. Enjoy this performance until the last gurgle goes down the plughole.

This multi-media performance by Camidge & Stringer includes original music, film, authentic photographs and news clippings.

“A wonderful double-act, who combine humour and fact-finding to bring true stories to life…laughs a-plenty. I’ve no idea when they’re performing this again but go and see it if they do.” – Cornishman

So here’s your opportunity, the Acorn Theatre on the 17th February, take the plunge!

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