Rebeca Ortega Flamenco

Friday 23rd June 2023
7:30 pm

£15 adv £16 door

Event Description

“From the deepest roots of flamenco, this theatrically spun dance show is born, shaped by the luminosity of the alegrías, the depth of the taranto, the rhythms of the tangos and bulerías and the jondura of the soleá and the farruca. Like the newly germinated seed that is nourished by the dewdrops, this work is the sensorial path that blossoms like azahar from the lament of the traces of the past towards the uncertain and graceful future. Strength and elegance work in harmony with the tradition of flamenco culture… Where the flight of hands, sensuality, and taconeo induce passion.”

Rebeca has a long formation including Flamenco, Classical Spanish Dance, Ballet and contemporary dance at “Carmen Amaya Flamenco cultural academy”, the world renowned “Centro de Arte Flamenco y Danza Española Amor de Dios” in Madrid, and later at “Escuela Mayor de Danza”, at Andalousian Centre of Dance, at Úrsula and Tamara López “Flamenco Danza” school and at Professional Dance Conservatory in Seville. Her most influential masters are La Tati, Merche Esmeralda, El Güito, Javier Latorre, Carmela Greco, Belén Fernández, La Truco, Alejandro Granados, Miguel Cañas, Adela Campallo among others.

At the age of 19 years old, she starts her professional career. For 4 years she performs and teaches the art of flamenco in the UK while completing her university studies, which leads her to create, direct and choreograph the “Nottingham Flamenquitas” group, as well as collaborate in different dance styles such as tap, contemporary and bollywood dance.

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