Shivers and Shadows

Wednesday 30th October 2019
7:00 pm

Adults £7/Children £5/Family £20

Event Description

As the shadows lengthen and night draws in, a single candle flickers in the window of the old, abandoned mansion. Peeking through the cracked window pane you see a mysterious figure, hunched over ancient volumes of magic and alchemy, chuckling softly to himself…

Why, it’s PROFESSOR JOHNSON of Squashbox Theatre, and he’s hard at work on some diabolical scheme to strike fear into the hearts of all who draw near!

Get ready to SHIVER, SHAKE, SHUDDER and SCREAM as Squashbox Theatre presents its first ever show for HALLOWEEN!

What GHOULS and SPECTRES haunt this creepy mansion?

What are those EERIE SHAPES moving through the dark forest outside?

What STRANGE EXPERIMENTS has the professor been working on in his laboratory?

What GHASTLY SECRETS are hidden within the dusty jars that weigh down the creaking shelves?

And what MYSTERIOUS CREATURE lurks in the locked cellar below the lab?

Expect an overflowing cauldron of a show, brimming with DELIGHTFUL FRIGHTS and HILARIOUS HORRORS, bubbling with INGENIOUS PUPPETRY and COMEDY, seasoned with SCARY STORIES and TALL TALES, flavoured with LIVE MUSIC and SONGS, and topped with a sprinkling of SLAPSTICK and SILLINESS.

WARNING: like all Squashbox performances, this show will be full of laughter, excitement and fun… but it will be SCARY too! Expect LOUD NOISES, CREEPY CHARACTERS and a SPOOKY ATMOSPHERE – and a few SURPRISES that may make you JUMP!

Recommended for brave children aged 6+ (accompanied by their scaredy-cat grown-ups)




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