Son of Dave

Monday 21st August 2023
8:00 pm

£16 Advance £18 Door

Event Description

Son of Dave is a Bluesman. Not traditional, but has begun a new tradition, perhaps. Playing the harmonica, layering up beatbox grooves, stomping and playing percussion, then writing passionate, growling infectious songs overtop, he defies category. A truly maverick Bluesman, many have come to find his tunes through programs like Breaking Bad, Preacher, Bloodline and others where his unique songs have been featured.

He comes originally from Winnipeg, Canada (born Benjamin Darvill). He’s toured all over Europe and North America as well as more off-centre countries such as Uganda, South Africa, Lebanon, Russia and more. His one-man show is fun and unforgettable.

As a young harmonica player he worked in the Blues and biker bars of Manitoba. Being nurtured in the tradition of Midwest Blues and Canadian folk music, he joined Crash Test Dummies at it’s beginnings and rode that wave for four albums and ten years until returning to his more humble, rhythmic desires and the tunes he’d been working on through those dizzying years. The music business almost crumbled with the switch to digital, but Son found a path through the old-fashioned way, playing clubs and building an audience from scratch. His recordings found their way to millions of fans without the backing of a big label or hit machine.

Embarking on a year of singles, EPs and an inevitable 9th album, at 52 years of age, there is no sign of slowing down. Well, the knees and back aren’t what they used to be…


Support comes from up-and-coming Cornish bluesman C-bone

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