St. Pirans Fest Nos Lowen

Sunday 3rd March 2024
7:30 pm

£12 Adults; £6 U18's

Event Description

St. Piran Fest Nos Lowen

Join us as we celebrate St. Piran’s Day in style: The Acorn Theatre and Trevow Music Management bring you an epic night of Cornish music and dance featuring 3 of Cornwall’s hottest Nos Lowen bands!


True Legends of Cornish Celtic dance music, Skillywidden are renowned for whipping up ecstatic nights of dancing with their take on the Nos Lowen style of Cornish music and dance.

The line-up includes former members of internationally acclaimed Cornish traditional music band Dalla on bouzouki, fiddle, clarinets, viola and percussion, with the addition of guest musicians (including pipes and horns) drawn from the cream of Cornwall’s talent in this and other genres, such as jazz and world music. Their exhilarating performances convey the sheer joy they take in Cornwall’s indigenous culture.

“Sublime …a kind of World Music with a Cornish accent” (Rock ‘n’ Reel)

“…a sonic swirl of pipes, fiddle, clarinet, bouzouki and trombone, Cornish band Skillywidden are holding court on stage” (The Guardian)

“Nos Lowen’s popularity is part of a growing resurgence of Cornish culture” (The Guardian)

Bagas Fellyon

“A gloriously chaotic groove juggernaut! Bagas Fellyon (Cornish for ‘The Band of Fools’) experiment with and innovate within the growing Nos Lowen style of Cornish traditional Music.”

“Cornwalls fastest rising Nos Lowen band!”

Bagas Fellyon is a collective of musicians brought together by the fiddle player Neil McMahon, initially, as a project to promote the album “Hitching Ships” by Cornish studio-based duo Fools Rock. Following this sell-out gig, the band soon took on a life of its own with its boisterous groove-centric approach to Cornish Nos Lowen music.

The line-up includes Neil MacMahon (fiddle), Daniel Woodfield (Sax & Whistles), Owen Davies (Accordian), Kerensa Wright (Hammered Dulcimer), Joshua Barrett (Bass) and Sam Mathews (Drums, percussion)

Jacksons Claret

No strangers to the Acorn Theatre, these new champions of Cornish traditional music perform Cornish tunes and songs from the 1700s up until the present day. The combination of (John Gallagher), Bouzouki & vocals (Pete London), Bodhran and vocals (Kate Evans) & fiddle (Andy Law), breathes new life into arrangements of well-known & more obscure Cornish songs, tunes & dances.

So, what is Nos Lowen?

The Nos Lowen itself is something between a ceilidh and the Breton Fest Noz. The dances are simple enough that they can be picked up by following along with a few strategically placed dance leaders among the crowd. This removes the need for a caller and leads to an evening that can flow more freely than a usual ceilidh.

Combine this with some of the most exciting music Cornwall has to offer, and it’s bound to be a night to remember!

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