The Bookwitch

Wednesday 25th October 2023
2:00 pm


Event Description

How to Catch a Book Witch by Coppice Theatre
Kira loves reading, visiting the library for a new book is her favourite thing. One day the words in the books start to disappear and the adults start to get grumpy. Graham Grey says the library will
be knocked down to make way for a car park!
We her new friend the book worm, Kira has to uncover why words are vanishing and where these book monsters have come from! Could there be a Book Witch in the library?
An open hearted show aimed at children aged 3+. Exploring the importance of libraries, sharing stories and not judging people. The show features live music, puppetry and storytelling. Created with inclusion and accessibility in mind and including key word signing, integrated captions and an optional audio described version.
Coppice Theatre are a Cornish-based company that specialises in creating engaging, entertainingand educational productions for young people.

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