The Guitar Experience

Saturday 7th October 2023
8:00 pm


Event Description

Welcome to “The Guitar Experience!” A celebration of the most Iconic guitar anthems and players from the last 5 decades! We provide a classy and professional evening of musical entertainment that is second to none.

The Guitar Experience is a live 2-hour extravaganza of the greatest guitar players ever!

Performed by a 5-piece band of the finest rock musicians who have toured alongside some of the biggest names in rock who work hard to deliver 110% at every performance, creating a show worthy of being performed to the guitar gods themselves!

From Hank Marvin to Steve Vai, Jimi Hendrix to Joe Satriani, The Guitar Experience has a jaw dropping experience you will never forget!

The Guitar Experience pays tribute to all the guitar greats of the past and present, fully equipped with an exciting,  explosive stage show!

The Guitar Experience will have you up on your feet for classics such as Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Free Bird”, relax you with the sounds of Pink Floyd’s “Comfortably Numb”, your hairs will stand on end from the expression of Gary Moore’s “Parisienne walkways”, and you’ll be on the edge of your seat with mind blowing renditions of “For the Love of God” from Steve Vai & Eddie Van Halen’s “Eruption”, plus classics from Queen, Black Sabbath, Rush, Dire Straits and many many more!

Almost as iconic as the players themselves are their guitars, and a selection of guitars is what you will get!! Signature Models will be used throughout the course of the night from Brian May’s ‘Red special’, Randy Rhoads ‘Polka dot V’, David Gilmours Famous ‘Black Strat’, Eric Clapton’s ‘Blackie’ , Steve Vai’s Ibanez Jem, Joe Satriani’s Ibanez JS, Eric Johnson’s Strat, vintage instruments from the time the songs were recorded and many more, each providing their own signature sound for your listening pleasure!

The band thrive on audience participation so raise a glass, make some noise, and stick around at the end of the show to meet the band!

Every song is performed with high energy and a full stage production that makes this show one of the most exciting to see!

A night for the whole family and all ages to enjoy that will have the audience singing along, and air guitars rockin!!

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