The Rag and Moan Men

Saturday 5th October 2019
8:00 pm


Event Description

The Rag and Moan Men play roots Blues – the kind of blues which was recorded by a man shouting into a can. While a covers band or a tribute band try to replicate the sound of the original the Rag and Moan don’t.

This is Blues re-created, for now, not looped and driven by a drum’n’bass backing track but played so that you can hear the tune and the words – not always the way with the early recordings.

Blues has the power to grab and enthuse audiences across the centuries and it has done that to Martin and Andy. On one level you could say they believe that art is the pursuit of truth and that the Blues is a timeless expression of truth through music. They’d probably say they’re just having a lot of fun.

If you’ve heard of and/or like Furry Lewis, Muddy Waters, Willie Johnson, Washington Phillips or the Rev. Garry Davis – you’ll like the R&MM.

JJ Cale, Ry Cooder and Little Feat – you’ll like the R&MM.

Eric Bibb – you’ll like the R&MM.

You get the idea.

Oh, and if slide guitar floats your boat, prepare to be set adrift


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