The Secret Meeting – performed by Murder by Appointment

Saturday 15th January 2022
7:30 pm


Event Description

Let the longest established murder mystery company in the West of England, Murder by Appointment, take you on an enthralling journey back to the 1960s in our spy thriller murder mystery, The Secret Meeting. What exactly has brought MI5 and the KGB to this secret meeting place and just who is the mysterious stranger amongst the guests? An evening of suspense, intrigue and murderous mayhem!

Watch as the story unfolds, listen out for clues, get those grey cells working, question the cast if you wish to, piece together the puzzle of our most challenging murder mystery yet! Can you solve this DOUBLE murder?

If you can work out the correct murderer, your name will be put into a draw and maybe you will be lucky enough to go home with a prize.

Dressing up in 1960s fashion is not essential but strongly encouraged! Our audiences are not required to participate in the drama but will have opportunities to ask questions if they wish.  So if you are a budding supersleuth, perhaps a Jessica Fletcher, a Poirot or a Miss Marple, then this evening is for you!

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