Tom McQ + Wilberforce

Friday 12th August 2022
8:00 pm

Advance £12/Door £14

Event Description

“Tom McQ is without any doubt an important musical talent. A quiet national treasure of the Bob Dylan and Paul Simon mould. A voice of soul and grit, his unique lyrics and strong melodies will have you kicking yourself that you’d not heard him sooner.” – Club 27/11 (THE LEXINGTON, LONDON)

“Tom is a travelling troubadour, a wondering wordsmith. A busking Bard; the music is something that lives in him and he’s kind enough to share it with those around him. He has enough material to happily play from dusk til dawn and every song is a masterwork.”–  Words by Matt Miles.

“Something about his music reaches out and grabs you by the chest. It draws you in and once you’ve been caught in its inexorable force there’s no way to get out.”Willberforce is an ex-professional stage performer having toured the globe and London’s West End for many years,  turned travelling troubadour who Lauds emotive originality over everything else and in doing so produces some of the most heartfelt original emotive folk music out there. These boys together are here to heal, love and showcase their songwriting and integrity as artists. Expect raw diamonds and come with the aim to feel uplifted and connected – Yack Magazine

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