Under Milk Wood

Thursday 12th March 2020
7:30 pm

Adults £8.00 Over60s £6.50 Unwaged £6.50 Under18s £5.00 Family (2A, 2U18) £22.00

Event Description

Captain Cat surrounded by fish that “nibble him down to his wishbone”, Mog Edwards, “a draper mad with love” for shy dressmaker Miss Price, Organ Morgan, listening to the music with “spouses … honking like geese and the babies singing opera”, while at the sea end of the town, Mr and Mrs Floyd lie in their bed “side by wrinkled side … like two old kippers in a box”, while Polly Garter still sings of “little Willy Wee who is dead, dead, dead”. 

An emotive and hilarious account of a spring day in the fictional seaside village of Llareggub.

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