Wednesday 1st September 2021
7:30 pm


Event Description

Silver events will still be socially distanced with allocated seating, but with 72% maximum capacity (130), so the seats will be a little closer. There will be no dancing. The bar and toilets will be fully open without one-way restrictions. Performers will still maintain their distance from the audience.


Unguided is the story of a teenage trapeze artist struggling to navigate the murky waters of adolescence and discover what it means to be a man.

In uncertain times, and dealing with an unknown hardship, our trapeze artist uses circus elements and the understanding ear of his best friend to weave a tale of fantasy futures and the escape from the harsh realities of life. 

An original play for one night only with some of the most talented artists in the country blending circus elements with comedic and dramatic performances, Unguided will leave you with a storm of emotions as the final song washes over you.

Not one to be missed.

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