Voice Art UK – Singing Masterclass

Sunday 6th December 2020
11:00 am - 3:00 pm

£20 Advance only

Event Description

It’s great fun, a real work out learning to breath using correct power techniques – more of a martial art meditation style which really drives your voice. We also train to activate the right muscle groups articulating with shapes, reflex, vowels & arpeggios. Correct pitch technique & how to “Serve The Song” to express all you are! The masterclass covers harmony ideas with group & individual singing using the tools learned during the session. You can record the exercises onto your phone as a take-home souvenir to train at the beach. Liberating and addictive fun.

1st Half 11.00 – 12.30
Introduction by Jane Kitto including course overview.
Correct diaphragm breathing and muscle control.
Posture and poise interacting with chin, head and shoulders. Create a reflex power stance.
Learn pitch resonance alongside a single instrument (Not using head voice)
Vowels and sound shapes, correct syllable pronunciation using the universal modern singing technique, modulation, and eliminating “accent” glitches.
Arpeggio training and touch on harmony strategies.
Vocal strengthening and projection, spatial dynamics, visualization and esthetics.
Understanding how to locate and use the correct micro muscles and power to avoid straining vocal chords.
Soft & Hard Palette, Falsetto using various tailored exercises.
Lunch Break 12.30 – 1.00 PM
2nd Half 1.00 – 3.00 PM
The second half is to discover how to serve the song to reflect your own personality by ‘vocalizing vs singing’. This helps creates an immediate experience for the student in finding their own voice and inner confidence.
Concentrate on “How to Load” the words, phrasing and where to breathe in timing between the songlines.
Assemble student vocalists to train to a selection of songs using the tools provided in the first half and each has a chance accompanied by myself on guitar and backups vocals.
List of song choices so far: Lyrics will be provided.
(possibly more added to the list)
‘We will rock you’ – Queen
‘One of us’ – Joan Osborne
‘What about us’ – Pink
‘Whats Up’ – 4 Non Blondes
‘Breathe’ – The Flockettes
Revision of all the exercises to be recorded/photographed by the masterclass students on their mobile phones or other to keep as a training memento for life.
Finally, there will be a performance song by individual students along with group class interaction (backing vocals).
It’s an amazing feeling to create your voice in this environment safely and confidently in a safe atmosphere. It’s a gift from the student to themselves to find their life expression through singing.
Let’s have some great fun with this moment!
This event is limited to 30 tickets, sold in advance only.

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