Voice Art UK Vocal Workshop – Masterclass

Sunday 12th November 2023
10:00 am - 2:00 pm

Event Description

Vocal and power breathing, holistic training workshop by singing coach Jane Kitto (K.I.T.T.O )

Hosted at The Acorn Theatre

10am – 2pm

Tickets £20 Advance Bookings Only

“It’s great fun, a real workout learning to breath using correct breathing techniques; more of a martial art meditation style which really drives your voice. We will also train to activate the right micro-muscle groups articulating with shapes, reflex, vowels & arpeggios. Learn to use the correct pitch technique & how to ‘Serve the Song’ to express all you are! The workshop covers harmony ideas & improvisation with group / individual singing using the tools learned during the session. You can record the exercises onto your mobile phone as a take home souvenir to train to.

Liberating & addictive! You’re welcome to join in with us.



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