In line with government guidance with regards to face-covering indoors, it is now a personal choice to wear a face-covering while attending the theatre.

Performances will no longer be socially distanced as the limit on capacity and social distancing rules have been lifted. As we are able to open at full capacity you may be sitting next to other people. We will continue to ask you to maintain a safe social distance if queuing to take your seats or when using any of our facilities and to follow our one way systems as you move around the theatre. You may need to pass someone to take your seat in a row. We continue to ask for face coverings to be worn during your visit.

NHS Test & Trace QR Check-In is available. Although not now compulsory we do recommend you check in on entering the theatre.

We have recently installed a state-of-the-art air filtration system that exceeds government guidelines, in order to give you greater peace of mind when visiting the theatre.

In the main auditorium, we have two units running 24/7 which recirculate the air in there every eight minutes. They filter virus particles, like Covid, bacteria and pollen out of the air via a Hepa filter and then through a UV light so that it's 100% clean air coming back in. The machines also run a 2-hour Ozone cycle every night between 2 am and 4 am which kills any bacteria or viruses which might have escaped. We have other units in the Office and in the Cabaret Bar.

We also have a powerful air extraction system in the Auditorium which we run during events that expel the air from the auditorium and draws fresh air from outside.

If you are interested in the technical details, you can follow this link: