Re-opening News

Along with everyone else involved in live events, we are thrilled that we can once again hold shows without restrictions. It has been a desperately hard year and a half, and there were times when we feared for our future. 

However, the virus has not gone away and will continue to threaten our health. So, with the dropping of mandatory restrictions comes personal responsibility, and while we recognise that many people can’t wait to get back to normal, others are doubtful or fearful for their health.

Therefore, The Acorn has decided that we are not going to jump straight into full capacity without restrictions for all events, but will be opening up in a measured manner, one step at a time.

The safest indoor venue in West Cornwall?

During Lockdown 3, with the help of donations from our friends and communities, we purchased and installed three, state of the art air sanitisers to add to our already very effective ventilation system. The sanitisers run 24/7 monitoring air quality and filtering out all particulates in the auditorium every eight minutes, including bacteria and viruses. In addition, between 2am and 4am daily, the theatre is sterilised by an Ozone Cycle which kills all microbes in the air and on surfaces.

In addition, in line with government advice, we will be recommending that all people attending our events wear masks / face coverings when they are moving around the theatre. There will also be hand sanitisers around the building as before. We also have the Track and Trace QR code for you to scan if you wish.

And all events will be graded according to the level of covid safety measures in place.

Graded events

The Acorn is now running all events under a three-tier system. All upcoming shows will be graded as either Gold, Silver or Bronze, depending on the level of covid-safety measures in place.

Gold events have the most measures, including 100% socially distanced seating, with a capacity of 50% of maximum (90). All tickets will be for allocated seats. The one-way system will be in operation.

Silver events will still be socially distanced with allocated seating, but with 72% maximum capacity (130) will be greater than Gold, so the seats will be a little closer. There will be no dancing. The bar and toilets will be fully open without one-way restrictions. Performers will still maintain their distance from the audience.

Bronze events will be open to full capacity (100%), so there will be no social distancing and no one-way system. Seating will be unreserved. Standing events will allow dancing

Here are seven ways to enjoy a safe visit to The Acorn…

1. Do not come to the theatre if you or anyone you live, work or have been in close contact with has Covid Symptoms.

If you are suffering from Covid symptoms or fear you may be an infection risk and therefore should not attend, we will offer you a full refund or exchange on your ticket.

2. Check your covid status before coming to one of our events

You can do this by taking a lateral flow test half an hour before leaving your home. These are available free of charge at most chemists an Drs surgeries.

3. Wear a mask / face covering when arriving and moving around.

We are going to continue to wear masks when we are moving about during our events. We also encourage our audience to continue to wear a mask on entry and when moving around. We know that wearing a mask is not a pleasant experience, but the scientific evidence shows that masks work to help stop transmission. 

Our wearing masks reduces your risk of infection from us; will you do the same for us, please? 

4. Continue to use the hand sanitisers around the theatre.

Anyone who has visited us since we got up and running again in mid-May, will know that we have been cleaning and sanitising all contact surfaces between performances, and we will continue to do this. 

5. Maximum ventilation; prompt entry and exit (don’t hang about)

We will be keeping doors open before and the ventilation system running, after performances to bring fresh air into the room. We will also be opening doors at the end of performances to minimise any queueing to leave. We will encourage people to leave promptly and orderly as soon as the event has ended.

6. We strongly encourage you to use contactless/cards for purchases, if you can do so, to limit cash payments as much as possible. 

7. Be Zen

Finally, please remember other people may hold different views to you, so please be kind to and tolerant of one another. We have made every effort to make our venue as Covid-safe as possible.  The rest is up to you.

We hope you will support the Acorn in our efforts to run safe and enjoyable events for everyone.

With all good wishes,

Acorn Trustees and Management
19th July, 2021.